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The Open

Study Centre

Welcome to the Open Study Centre. Our focus is to create communication ambassadors to facilitate understanding in critical areas related to helping individuals bring the most important topics of our time back to their home cities and towns and help foster policy toward making a better world.

What we offer

Conflict resolution programs for school and student groups, accommodation, excursions, an experience of Ireland’s culture and more.



We have created a module based system that helps you to customize any program for your participants, within the scope of informal education. Choose the thematics appropriate for your group and we can suggest a custom made programme.


Typically any programme is complimented with exploring the history and heritage of the area. Ireland’s rich lands wave been fought over for centuries. We explore from the Rune’s  and the people of the Northern Mist, to the ‘Troubles’ of modern day.


You can utilize our leadership staff, and our advanced syllabus, experienced in multiple areas of science, philosophy and social psychology; from the Vatican, to the University of the World, to India and the East, or bring your own tutors. Let us know your needs.


The Open Study Centre offers accommodation and half or full board, for up to a group of 24 people. We endeavor to maintain and safe and respectful environment. Feel free to include your guidelines and rules with your booking request.

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Haritomedia GmBH, Steinbühlweg 90, Allschwil,  Switzerland

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